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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. welcome back. we begin with winter-like weather right in the middle of may. let's bring in rob mayeda with a look at a major change coming up in the forecast. >> it's a pretty abrupt change. >> it's been a weird winter and spring. >> boots to get a lot more weird. we have clouds out there. watching these spill in thanks to the strong sea breeze at times pumping in the cloud cover. you can see it there over the marinda headlands. that is lurking offshore. however, bay to breakers, plan on some windy conditions, showers at times. as we go through the morning, a chance of an isolated thundershower as well. bundle up for that event. the other big event in the sierra. the start of the amgen tour or at least we think it will be stage one as it's going to loop around lake tahoe. we're calling for a winter storm warning and snow above 5,000
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feet. snow levels dipping close to the sierra foothills during the afternoon. rieft now we're enjoying a b break in the clouds. you can see that band of clouds offshore. that's the rain. a 1, 2, 3 bunch of this system. it's going to be rain followed up by a chance of thunder and some lowering snow levels as we go through the day on sunday. for a day at least, you can throw out the calendar. looks like more like winter. we'll talk about strong thunderstorms as well and the full forecast in a few minutes. >> get rid of the calendar. >> it's gone. the chp is investigating a deadly accident on highway 1 near stenson beach today. an 83-year-old man died when his vehicle ended up down a 300-foot ravine about 11:30 this morning. hi1 was closed down in both directions but has since reopened. there were no skidmarks at the scene. the investigation is continuing. last night a man survived a collision with an amtrak freight train in martinez near the amtrak station. emergency crews used the jaws of life to rescue the driver from the pinned truck at marina vista
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avenue. a helicopter then air lifted the driver to a nearby hospital because the train was blocking the only road out of the area. we're told the driver does not have any life-threatening injuries. he was the only one inside the truck at the time of the accident. there was another possible mountain lion sighting on the peninsula. this one in woodside on glen way at about 7:00 this morning. wildlife experts say residents shouldn't hike or jog when mountain lions are most active. that would be at dawn, dusk and during the night. sightings are becoming more common in the bay area, particularly in neighborhoods near wilderness areas. although often they turn out to be false alarms. coyotes or dogs that from afar look just like a mountain lion. critically injured giants fan bryan stow is scheduled to be moved to san francisco on monday. he and his family are being honored today at a peace march in los angeles. hundreds turned out for the annual event that promotes public safety and raises aware balance victims and their loved ones. the stow family was there. i don't think this is the right picture, though.
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bryan's mom says the support they've been receiving from the los angeles community has been overwhelming. and they just wanted to give something back. >> we actually came here not only for bryan but to support their cause. because we saw children carrying signs that their daddyes had been killed by a gun. so, like my daughter said, they are not only the victims. the their families are victims. their children are victims. >> the reward for information leading to the arrest of people who beat stow stands at more than $100,000 at this point. for one graduate walking with his class at uc berkeley was an amazing moment. graduating senior austin whitney was paralyzed in a car next 2007. last year he began work with uc berkeley engineers to develop exo skeletons, wearable robotics that look like sound up leg braces. the device is worn like a suit and does the walking that disabled legs are no longer
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capable of. today when it was time for him to receive his diploma, austin was able to stand up and accept it himself thanks to the innovation from his classmates at cal. >> truly, truly is beyond words. i was never not confident about the machine, ever. i trust these guys. they are brilliant. they know what they are doing. but the second that i pressed the button and stood up, i was just flooded with a series of emotions. >> the engineering team at cal named the project austin in honor of its human test pilot. they say austin whitney was crucial to help them develop a device that actually works. and silicon valley is known for entrepreneurship, of course. today we're seeing an example of that at stanford. at-risk teenagers had the opportunity to come up with a business plan and today, they presented their ideas in a competition. nbc bay area's kimberly tere
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joins us from stanford with more on the youth business plan competition. hello, kimberly. >> hello, diane. it's really a chance for students to see their dreams turned into reality, to test out their ideas and possibly see them turn into a real business. today, over 100 high school students were here at stanford to pitch their business ideas to a panel made up of well knowns in the world of silicon valley which is, of course, known for entrepreneurship. it's called the 12th annual build youth business plan competition. winners get some cash to kickstart their plans and will also get the support they need to see them through. through build, students are mentored and get help writhe out a business plan and then launching it. those who get into the build program start in the ninth grade and commit through their senior year. 100% of them have gone on to college. >> i had the foundation and build is what let me really elevate what i thought i could achieve. coming into high school ireally dont know what i wanted to be.
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i was just another person. but through build, i became outgoing. i learned how to manage a business which is something not a lot of people can say. and from that, i really got the confidence that i could. that i could do anything i wanted. >> reporter: the program build goes into schools in east palo alto and oakland and focuses on attracting students who might otherwise be at risk of failing classes and dropping out of high school. it is considered an in-school elective. for more information, you can logon to live at stanford, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. children and their families in the tender loin received a bit of a break today. the tenderloin family fair brings the community together. it's a nearly fund-raiser that helps fund the neighborhood school for much of the year. prizes at the fair include books and other educational necessities that many of the families just can't afford. the money raised at the fair is used for extra help in the classroom as well. and still ahead on nbc bay area news at 6:00 -- he's a real
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american idol. at least in santa cruz. james durbin is being honored in his hometown tonight. also coming up, hundreds of bay area girls put their feet to the pavement all to build character. we'll show you the race. but next, we'll take to the american south where the mississippi river continues to flood lands in that region.
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you can see the rain which has been holding off this afternoon. it's now nearing the coast. we're wind, thunder and even some foothill snow.
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of acres. the army corps of engineers said it had no other choice but to open that spillway flooding lightly populated areas of cajun country in order to save the heavily populate areas downstream. brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: desperate times along the flood swollen mississippi river calling for desperate measures in louisiana. opening a ten-ton flood gate of the morganza spillway for the first time in nearly four decades. prongets te >> protecting lives is the number one thing we're looking for. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 square miles of sparsely populated cajun country is being sacrificed to spare the levees protecting baton rouge and new orleans. some 25,000 people were in harm's way. most fled. but a few are fighting, shoring up their own levees to save what they can. >> if the levee broke, then i wouldn't have nothing to come back to. my house would be gone. so i'm going to spend this money to save my house. >> reporter: up stream in
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vicksburg, mississippi, the scope of this catastrophe is still hard to measure. >> wait it out, i guess is all we can do. there's nothing else you can do. >> reporter: down stream, the worst is yet to come. >> we're not expected to see a crest until about the 24th of may. that crest is then expected to be with us for probably 10 to 14 days. >> reporter: surrendering ground to mother nature to save even more lives and property. brian mooar, nbc news. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is expected to announce today or tonight whether he plans to run for the white house in 2012. huckabee is reportedly going to use his fox news channel talk show to announce his intentions. the talk show is the centerpiece of huckabee's enterprises. and this time, he could enter the race with a front-runner status rather than when he entered in 2008. another huckabee run would be renewed -- bring renewed scrutiny over his support of some tax increases in arkansas and his record on clemency, including commuting the sentence
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of a man who later killed four seattle area police officers. and the field of republicans is getting very crowded. texas representative ron paul announced yesterday he joins former house speaker newt gingrich, governor gary johnson of new mexico, former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former wisconsin governor tim pawlenty in making it official. and there's no word yet on sarah palin, donald trump or tea party star michele bachmann from minnesota among the republicans who have all set up exploratory committees. three people from florida are under arrest today charged with funneling money to the taliban in pakistan. they are being charged with multiple federal offenses. one sent more than $50,000 to the taliban for guns intended to kill u.s. troops. more than two dozen secret service agents arrested the
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three near miami after more services. pakistan's parliament has condemned the u.s. special forces raid on osama bin laden's compound. members of pakistan's two houses of parliament are calling for review of u.s. ties with the country and say supply lines to american troops in afghanistan could be cut if there are more attacks. an opposition leader in parl simt pushing for an independent commission to investigate the incident. u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s killed the 9/11 mastermind during a raid on his compound near abbottabad two weeks ago. libyan state tv ran a defiant message supposedly from moammar gadhafi that is leading to speculation about his death. the brief message says, quote, i'm in a place where you can get me. the voice is supposedly gadhafi's but there are no pictures of him. just an audio track. he does refer to a recent air strike on his compound on thursday. since the libyan leader has gone on tv at the drop of a hat recently, the fact the message doesn't contain video has many wondering about his condition.
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and protesters demonstrated in san francisco today against the government of libyan president gadhafi. the demonstrators say the lib n libyan. >> we can't communicate with them. in tripoli, actually at the beginning we were communicate with family members there but they request weed stop calling them out of fear that something might happen to them in gadhafi somehow knows they are receiving calls from america or something like that. >> the group wants democratic elections in libya and humanitarian aid for the people who are suffering there. still to come on "nbc bay area news" at 6:00 -- bay area girls running side by side in a race where they say everyone is a winner. also a big day in santa cruz. one of its own is honored after being voted off "american idol." and here's a look at our temperatures right now. 50 tos near 60. warmer than our high temperatures will likely become tomorrow.
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it's gusty this evening. we've been oar.reine so far. but that is about to change. rain, thunder and mountain snow all in your sunday forecast. i am a sneeze whisperer.
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i am an allergy analyst.
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bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief. all right. so did you have a chance to go outside today? if you did you noticed the weather was changing a little bit. let's check in with rob mayeda and a big change coming up. >> big change. within the next two hours we're going to see a big change throughout the bay area. today it was cool and cloudy. temperatures in the mid-60s around south san jose. steve phoning in the temperature there. 66 degrees. los gatos, 63. 62 in san jose. today we did manage to crack
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those mid and upper 60s. tomorrow, nowhere near that. highs mainly in the upper 50 pps 55 for a high today in san rafael. tomorrow, likely the same. 59 degrees in oakland. winds picking up. dry streets outside the shark tank. 58 degrees. in san francisco, a brief break of sunshine. that's about to end as we see more clouds spilling in. 50s and 60s outside right now. yes, the winds are starting to crank up. you'll notice the south winds picking up from 15 to 25 miles per hour. the cold front which has been sitting offshore starts to cross the coast. it's right here sitting offshore. we're going to see widespread rain initially. this first rain band. behind it, popcorn-like showers. this is spilling down from the gulf of alaska that's going to mix with some mid-may sunshine. and that can make for a pretty volatile mix. when we're talking about the weather turning outright weird. low snow levels. you see these cold pockets of air spill into the bay area.
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then we could see a chance of pretty good thundershowers as these two elements come together. the heating of the day, the cold air aloft. the main rain band pushes through. behind it sunny breaks. the chilly air alost. a chance of not only seeing hail, isolated thundershowers but possibly even strong thund sler. especially out to the delta and through the central valley. something we'll be watching closely tomorrow afternoon. >> meantime, snow levels will be dropping, perhaps as low as 3500 feet by tomorrow afternoon. which would be low enough to see a dusting of snow around mt. diablo and mt. hamilton. widespread rain expected tonight around 11:00. we should see that rain blasting through the bay area. tomorrow, not as widespread for the rain. by the time we start bay to breakers, we'll see sunny breaks, windy conditions. but embedded downpours and likely small hail with some of these individual heavier showers rolling through the south bay by late tomorrow. then sunday evening, most moisture will be heading off to
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the east. the coldest air aloft moves in. probably see showers briefly shut down. into monday, during the day, into monday evening's commute, round two of the rain. in terms of the snow, and unfortunate timing for the amgen tour. all that snow during the day sunday. monday looks a little better. we'll see if they delay the start of that race. monday into tuesday comes the next batch of sierra snow. and then our temperatures looking pretty good as we pass wednesday. tonight, rain moving in and the air will be turning steadily more unstable overnight. we could even have overnight thu thunder which doesn't happen too much. a tough time getting out of the 50s. even with sunshine, highs in the 50s. that is some very cold air sweeping on in. with those extra sunny breaks, that will make things more unstable which could add more fire power as they roll across the bay area. we'll be watching that closely. not just for the hail but strong thund sler. high quite cool to wrap up the
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weekend. monday morning, we'll catch a break from the rain. monday night into tuesday, one more batch of showers. for now looks dry with 70s coming back. it will be a wild finish to the weekend. not just the outfits of beta breakers but plenty of wild weather. >> thank you rob. some people in santa cruz had a chance to see one of their newest stars today. you know who it is? it's james durbin rocking the beach boardwalk right now. the heavy metal hero made it to the top four in "american idol" but was just voted out this week. he can only perform a maximum of four songs. we're told he is expected to sign some autographs.act with er contract wit "american idol" he cannot perform more than that. girls learning about
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today more than 1,000 girls are celebrating a milestone that's not only good for their bodies but also good for their spirits. nbc bay area's kris sanchez shows us. >> reporter: more than 1,000 girls got their game faces on. rallied their friends. >> this is my girls. >> reporter: and warmed up for the early morning 5k they've been training for since march. >> five, four, three, two, one! >> the girls on the run silicon valley raced through the park in los gatos is the end goal of ten weeks of training. though it looks like a fitness program, girls on the run is about building character, too. as they run, the girls learn about discipline, teamwork and supporting each other through the tough stretches. >> in march, we were with the 45 girls in the montclair elementary school program on
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their first day of training. there was some walking and some nervousness but ten weeks later, they are among the 1,000-plus girls to finish the 3.2-mile race. the girls are smiling and proud. their coaches and parents hopeful that the girls are now stronger and more confident and better equipped for what can be a bumpy road towards growing up. kris sanchez, bay area news. >> the program is in many schools around the bay area. and -- are you ready? the sharks arrived in vancouver this afternoon for tomorrow's game one of the western the team held a.
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sizzler's fall-off-the-bone ribs are slow-cooked with cattlemen's barbecue sauce. get a half-rack with sweet potato fries and corn bread. plus, add our incredible endless salad bar. sizzler. and now the xfinity sports defrk on nbc bay area news. >> 20 years of sharks hockey, the team has never gon the stanley cup finals. now they are just one step away,
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but they have been here before. this is the third time. the sharks have made it to the western conference finals. they are hoping the third time may be the charm. the sharks held their last practice today before heading to van offer to this afternoon. game one starts tomorrow night at 5:00. game two on wednesday night, nauls vancouver. the series will then shift to san jose on friday and sunday. sunday's game can be seen here on nbc bay area at noon. followed by a one-hour postgame show with raj mathai. we talked to some of the players before they left. they expect this is going to be a long and rough series. >> we didn't skate yesterday. so we needed to put in a good practice today. it wasn't taxing. it wasn't long. we needed to get back to an intensity level that is going to be required to play tomorrow. and we started that today. there's always concern after an emotional game like game seven that there's a letdown. we tried to squash that a little bit today so that we're ready tomorrow. >> my first two series we didn't really take care of home ice,
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except for game seven. we've won some at home, won some on the road. for us, the approach isn't any different. >> if your at home or on the road you are thinking get the first game. and that's what we're looking for, yeah. the giants are in chicago taking on the cubs right now. san francisco's six-game winning streak was snapped yesterday with an 11-4 loss to chicago. the game is currently in the seventh inning but it has just been delayed because of rain there. the giants are leading 3-0. we'll have more on that tonight at 11:00. the a's hosted chicago's other team today. this was all a's. oakland jumped out it to a lead early. tyson ross had a strong outing on the mound strike out eight, earning his third win of the season. t the a's win, 6-3. the teams meet again tomorrow. the tour of california kicks off this afternoon but for the first time, t gins in, the high country. the race is supposed to start tomorrow in south lake tahoe.
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cyclists could face cold, wet weather. in fact, the first leg could be canceled because of snow. then this coming week the amgen tour cruises throu the bay area. ayage four fromur livermore to n jose via back roads and will finish up with an uphill climb and a summit finish. all the way to thousand oaks. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. with a look at the weather and traffic situation for the bay to breakers. coming up .. is tablet technology killing off your local waiter? google's doodle brings back a movie legend .. and we go 1-1 with the man who social networked his


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